Plant Signs Made From Anodized Aluminum For Botanical Gardens & Arboreta


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Since 1958, architects and designers have specified photo metal for high-value outdoor and indoor signage projects such as wayfinding signs, blueprint reproductions, building certification plaques and donor recognition plates.

Photo metal photosensitive anodized aluminum allows you to capture rich, photographic quality images inside of metal – providing unmatched longevity and the durable, modern look of anodized aluminum. Because photo metal is a photographic process, its image resolution, clarity and durability are superior to printed or etched signs. The photo metal image is cleanable, graffiti proof and impervious to sunlight and abrasion.

Photo metal is designed for permanency – it will not fade or need to be replaced. If replacement is desired, photo metal is 100% recyclable.

Customized photo metal components can be made to your specifications.

Product Benefits

Exceptionally Durable

  • UV-stable image is permanently sealed within the anodized aluminum.
  • Virtually impervious to chemicals, heat, abrasion, salt spray and sunlight.
  • Certified for 20 year plus outdoor applications.
  • Earned more top scores than any other IUID barcode label material tested by the U.S. Navy
    (NSWC, Corona Division, IUID Center; August 2011).

Widely Specified

  • Meets a wide array of commercial, government and military specifications.
  • Notable certifications include: MIL-STD-130N, STANAG 2290, GGP-455B(3) Type I, MIL-DTL-
    15024F, MIL-P-19834B and A-A-50271

Photographic Resolution

  • Photographic image affords extreme detail and contrast at any size.
  • Anti-counterfeit security printing is available.

Performance Characteristics

Because of its ability to perform across a range of challenging environments, photo metal meets an array of government, industrial and military specifications.

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Characteristic Result
Abrasion Resistance No pronounced image loss, degradation or reduced readability after 7,000 cycles on an abrading wheel.
Acid Corrosion No deterioration or image degradation after 24 hours in 3% nitric acid.
Heat Resistance No legibility loss or degradation when subjected to 1,000°F.
Salt Spray Corrosion No deleterious effect after 720-hr salt spray (fog) test. 2,6 “Very Good” corrosion resistance after 113 days seawater exposure.
Accelerated Light and Weather Resistance No pronounced deterioration of legibility after 400-hr carbon arc weatherometer exposure. ( ≈ 20+ year outdoor life)
Accelerated Oxygen Aging No discoloration or fading after 96-hr/300 psi/ 70°C oxygen bomb aging
Stain Resistance No black fading when plates are exposed to tincture of iodine.
Cleaning Resistance No deleterious effects when tested with alkaline cleaners (MILC-87937 or equivalent) for aircraft surfaces.
Low Temperature Resistance No deleterious effect or image fade after 1 hour at -50°F. No impairment of legibility upon exposure at -67°F.
Organic Solvent Resistance No softening, staining or noticeable fade after 24-hr exposure to:
JP-4 fuel, Gasoline, Mineral Spirits, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Turpentine, Turbine & Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Xylol, Acetone, Toluol, Heptane, Trichlorethylene, MIL-H-5606 Hydraulic Fluid and MIL-L-7808 Jet Engine Oil.
Fungus Resistance Visual reading of “0” per ASTM-G21.
Thermal Shock No deterioration after 3 cycles between -65°C and 125°C
Moisture Resistance No deterioration after 10 humidity cycles per MIL-STD-202, method 106.

Technical Specifications

Material: Anodized Aluminum Sheets

Sizes: 10”x 12”, 12”x 20”, 20”x 24”, 20”x 40”, 24”x 40”

Thicknesses: .003”, .005”, .008”, .012”, .020”, .032”, .039”, .063”, .090”, .125″


non-reflective with dull finish


semi-gloss medium reflective material


brushed to resemble a stainless steel finish


highly reflective, mirror like

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