Plant Signs Made From Anodized Aluminum For Botanical Gardens & Arboreta


Will the printed image rub off?

No, it won’t. That is what makes our labels unique. The process is similar to making photographs. We make a film of your image and expose it on to the metal in a darkroom. The image is then developed and sealed into the anodic layer. This will protect the image from abrasion, chemicals, and exterior exposure for over 25 years.

What colors are available?

The Photosensitive material that is designed for the outdoors is available in Silver/Black and Gold/Black.

Do you make custom size labels?

Yes, all of our orders are custom. We start with a larger sheet of material and cut it to your specific sizes.

Can logos, line drawings or QR codes be added to the labels?

Yes, they can. You can submit these as separate files, and we can format your labels, or you can format your labels to our larger sheet using Adobe Illustrator or InDesign files.

How long will it take to receive my labels?

Once your order is submitted, we will make a proof for your review. The proofing process is dependent on your feedback. Once your final approval is received, we will have your order completed and shipped within two weeks.