Plant Signs Made From Anodized Aluminum For Botanical Gardens & Arboreta


Plant Identification Labels and Interpretive Signs Made From Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum for Botanical Gardens & Arboreta



Plant Identification Labels

Plant identification labels are used to give the viewer quick, precise information.  A typical label might show the common name, species, family name, and origin of a plant.

Sign Example

Interpretive Signs

Interpretive Signs are designed to give your visitors in-depth information.  It is common to use a photograph or line drawing on these signs.

Sample Layouts and Fonts

Click the button below to download and view our “Sample Layouts and Fonts” PDF.

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Photosensitive aluminum also referred to as photo anodized aluminum.

Durability & Longevity

Photosensitive aluminum’s durability, high-quality, long lasting appearance makes it a perfect choice for your labels and signage.   Photosensitive aluminum gets its durability from its unique process which seals the image within a hard anodized layer.  It will maintain its original elegance under a broad variety of challenging environments, including high temperatures, long term outdoor UV exposure, abrasion, salt spray and most chemicals for over 25 years.


Our labels are ideal for plant and tree identification, trail markings, dedication & memorial plates suitable for trees and benches and many more applications.

Our interpretive signs are ideal for architectural and wayfinding maps, plaques, and awards. The  Photosensitive aluminum material can produce photo images and precise small detailed design.   An excellent solution for zoos, museums, parks, gardens, government and public facilities.

Sizes and Styles

Popular sizes for plant and tree labels are 3×5 and 4×6. Interpretive signage available up to 24” x 40”


Style 1

Mounting with Growth Expansion and Spring


Style 2

Mounting with Rivets or Screws and Locknuts


Style 3

Mounting with Hidden Screw Mount

Custom Color Composite Labels and Interpretive Signs


Full color design printed subsurface with an aluminum backplate.

Custom designed and made to last for years.  Our signs provide full color to achieve beautiful halftones and color graduations in vibrant colors.  They are printed subsurface on UV resistant polyester and mounted to aluminum for stability.


  • Cutting edge high-definition digital printing;
  • Advanced UV-resistant embedment;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Resistant to the extremes of weather;
  • For outdoor or indoor use